Trip to Hams Fork River finally happened this year. Hams Fork River is located about 3 hours south of Jackson Hole Wyoming in a town called Kemmerer, Birth place of JC Penny store.

I’ve been patiently waiting to fish this river. We hired my Master Casting mentor  Dayle Mazzarella to guide us on this river stretch below the dam. This river requires advanced anglers who know technical fishing. Fish in this river are spooky. Wrong fly or bad presentation will turn off fish for hours.

This river will test your casting skills and line management on the water is crucial . Little fly drag will ruin that river stretch and you must move on. I landed two big piggies that day and fought a few until they broke off. Once you hook one start moving fast on the bank of the river. Hams Fork river is shallow and easy to move around. That being said, shallow water means fish see you and you must be very stealth when approaching for casting. Too many false casts can event turn them off. Fish in this river are monsters ranging from 20 inch and up. Bring a net that will fit the fish. Regular net doesn’t work and it will hurt the fish.

6wt and up to 8 wt rod is recommended with 3x tippet. 8 wt rod is great on days that are very windy. If you decide to Nymph i would recommend start with a dry fly and have one dropper. Size of flies to use nothing bigger than size 20. Fish are very picky and will eat only what’s in the river. It’s worth while to take a sample through the running riffle and see what food source is coming through and what size. Matching hatch will make you a winner of the day.

As technical as this river can be, you won’t believe what i used to catch one of them. After hours of rejection i humored myself and tied San Juan worm.

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