Susquehanna River, Harrisburg PA

Another year another trip to Susquehanna. We’ve been going to the Duncannon, PA for 6 years now and it’s never the same. This river changes daily. One day it’s fish galore the next you’re counting rocks. Fish on this river are very...

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Snake River, Idaho

Right after July 4th i  flew straight to Jackson Hole Wyoming and a short drive across the state line i ended a the Swan Valley South River Outfitters at Natural Retreat Properties. This property is owned partially by Rochofeller Family. This trip was planned little...

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Fishing Hams Fork River in Kemmerer Wyoming

Trip to Hams Fork River finally happened this year. Hams Fork River is located about 3 hours south of Jackson Hole Wyoming in a town called Kemmerer, Birth place of JC Penny store. I’ve been patiently waiting to fish this river. We hired my Master Casting mentor...

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Fly Fishing St. John. U.S.V.I

There is nothing greater than taking a trip to places not many people go fly fishing to challenge yourself. This trip was the most challenging fishing i’ve done in years. Locals call you “Legend” if you catch bonefish on fly on flats. Second day on...

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