Waterproof Waders: It is very important to have your waders waterproof at all times to keep you comfortable and dry and warm. Waders are made by many companies and many styles and materials. Some of the styles are standard some are wading pants and others have zippers at the front. 

Under the Waders: I would highly recommend wearing sweat pants or long john’s and long socks under the waders. When it’s hot outside shorts are just fine.

Wading Boots: Wading boots are made by a few companies to keep you stable on the stream while walking rocky river beds. Some boots have option for soles. Some wader boots are interchangeable so you can change out your sole depending on what sort of terrain you’ll be fishing at. Soles come in: felt sole, felt sole with studs, rubber sole and studded rubber sole. Before entering the stream make sure some soles are not prohibited as per regulation. As an example, felt sole can spread micro organisms that can be harmful to other streams and fish species.

Waterproof wading jacket: To keep you dry all day you’ll need waterproof jacket to keep you warm and dry. Most Jackets are made with Gortex material and very durable. Not too many companies make them.

Sunglasses: Staring into the reflective water all day can be damaging and unpleasant to your eye site. To spot the fish in the stream right sunglasses are necessary. Polarized lenses will not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but help you spot the fish much more easier than without.  Right color Lenses are important to spot the fish in different conditions. Sunglasses come in different colors: green, blue and brown.

Hat:  To protect yourself from harmful UV rays and heat stroke HAT is a must .  Baseball cap is one that is mostly used between anglers. Straw hat is not a bad idea when fishing on an open ocean all day. Straw hats keep you cooler than any other conventional hats on the market.

Buff: Buff comes in all sort of colors and designs. Buff is great when air gets so hot that you need something cold around your neck to cool you down and at the same time protect your face from the sun rays if you’re wearing just a ball cap.

Landing net: Net is very important when landing trout as you don’t want to mishandle and stress the fish. Nets come in different sizes and materials. Nets are made of the a frame and the netting part. Frame is made out of wood, metal, plastic or carbon fiber. Netting part is made out of rubber or cloth mesh. Rubber netting has lot more advantages over cloth mesh. When comes to the cloth string netting, the hook gets stuck in the netting all the time and takes a while to remove it and size of these nets usually is small. For Net Recommendations click here

Fly Bag: Fly bag comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s personal preference in my opinion. You can choose from regular fly bad up to waterproof bags.  Since you will be walking for miles in the water it’s important to have all the flies and accessories on you. When choosing the size you should give a thought how much stuff you’ll have on you at all times and this will help you decide on the size of the bag. Most popular fly bags come as a sling pack and has room to store all your flies, leaders, tippets, plus lunch and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.






Dry Fly Box: Dry flies should be stored in a loose container with preferably separate access compartments. It’s important to keep them loose as you don’t want to bend flies out of shape or squish them and they won’t float as intended.

Nymph Fly Box: Nymph flies don’t have large hackle and they can be stored crowded hooked on the foam.

Streamer Box:



Clippers or nippers: To cut the tippet, leader, fly knot. Teeth are not your clippers.

Zinger: Zinger holds clippers, hemostats, nail knot tool and other accessories. Zingers usually come with retractable wire.

Hemostat: These forceps are used to hold fly in place while tying the know or removingnthe fly from the fishes mouth or pinching down barbs.


Floatant: It is a liquid gel applied to the fly to naturally make it buoyant

Leader Sink: Liquid gel that will cause the fly or fly line to sink underneath the water

Line Dressing:


fly boxes:


rod and reel case:


Wading Stick:


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